My back pain is gone thanks to Stem Cell therapy: Jack Nicklaus

Golfer says that Stem Cell therapy cured his back pain

Retired pro-golfer Jack Nicklaus has spoken for the first time about how an experimental stem cell therapy has enabled him to play golf again after years of debilitating back pain.

Speaking at the Unite to Cure conference on 27 April in Vatican City, Nicklaus – also known as the Golden Bear – told how he had suffered from back pain since he was a child, which was unsuccessfully treated with cortisol injections.

Then two years ago, when he was 76, he met doctor Eckhard Alt at the birthday party of American healthcare philanthropist Denny Sanford. It was a serendipitous meeting; Alt had pioneered an experimental stem cell treatment in his clinic in Munich, Germany. “I decided to give stem cells a go,” said Nicklaus, who went on to become one of the first patients. He had to travel to Germany for the treatment because it is not approved in the US, where stem cell therapy is highly regulated.

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