Become a patient

Become a Patient
Days of admissions are weekdays, unless, an individual agreement has been made with our admissions service coordinator. Please make arrangements to travel to San Diego, California. Our transportation service will pick you up at the San Diego, Ca. airport, load your luggage and drive you to our center. If you are driving or taking the train, we can also meet you at a specified location. We would need from you to confirm the arrival time and place with our admissions office 5 days before arrival. Please inform your healthcare advisor about your flight arrangements or arrival time before travel to ensure that our shuttle driver is there to pick you up and bring you to Renovation Advanced Therapy Center.
Airport Pickup
Renovation Advanced Therapy Center provides door-to-door service from the San Diego Airport to the clinic at no charge for patients and their companions who have made admissions arrangements for treatment.
Passport information
It is required to have a valid passport to travel abroad if you are a US citizen. We provide a Medical Pass for a speedy return to the US, your border wait will be much shorter with this expedited travel document. Check with your local passport office the current regulations for US citizens traveling abroad. If you do not have a passport, click on this site for information on how to get a passport or passport card: NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a Negative test might be required of you to return to the US if you are not a US citizen and plan to return via Land Border.

The easy steps to become a patient

  • 1 Please call (619) 930-2121 or email us at:
  • 2 We will send you an email with a Medical Questionnaire in .doc (Word Office) format. Simply fill it out and attach it to your return email.
  • 3 We may need the patients most recent CT/CAT Scans or medical records. The admissions officer will request the records if deemed necessary.
  • 4 Once we receive your medical information, the medical team will review and issue the patient a treatment plan or protocol.
  • 5 We will forward this treatment plan to you and if you agree to become a patient simply sign the treatment plan, please include your travel plans and email back to us. You have the option of speaking to the doctor who designed the treatment plan at no cost for you.
  • 6 We will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the clinic so there is no car to rent and no accommodation expense.
  • 7 You’ll get a private medical room for your comfort.
  • 8 Passports might be necessary depending on your country of origin.
  • 9 Renovation Advanced Therapy Center is located in Tijuana, close to the major commercial area of the city, our patients enjoy walking in the clinic area to the nearby shopping centers and local health-food restaurants, movie theaters, and grocery stores.
  • 10 The patient coordinator will provide all necessary information to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Renovation Advanced Therapy Center is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost-effective medical care. Currently, we accept Wire-Transfers only.

LightStream is a financing service in the US

available for those who qualify

Renovation Advanced Therapy Center is always making strides in the advancement of stem cell therapy, dedicated to providing patients safe and effective stem cell treatments. Our patients receive the highest quality of patient care, according to current practices and procedures. We are actively participating in the medical industry to be up-to-date in healthcare options.