Understanding arthritis pain. The Stem Cell Alternative

Arthritis and joint pain

When our joints are healthy, we tackle the daily tasks of life with ease. For the 50 million Americans with arthritis, simple activities like walking, preparing food, and even trying to stand up can become discouraging as affected joints become painful to use.

Arthritis is a disease characterized by the breakdown of the joint cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones. As the cartilage deteriorates, bone begins to rub against bone, making movements painful. This disease can also damage ligaments and muscles.

Stem Cell therapy as an alternative to knee or hip replacements

Many people with arthritis fear that a joint replacement or surgery is their only option. Regenerative medicine, such as stem cell therapy for arthritis, has shown great promise for arthritis treatment as an alternative to surgery. Historically, injections only lubricated the joint, but now these innovative procedures can dynamically change the environment within an arthritic joint or tissue injury, helping the body to heal the cartilage itself and reduce inflammation on a long-term basis.

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Understanding Arthritis

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